We’ve been known to get around a bit.

Years ago when we were developing the Cowboy Bath product concept it wasn’t uncommon for us to head out to some obscure single track for the sole purpose to get dirty and give the product some real-world testing. We would could call those outings “Business Adventures”.

These R&D escapades were perfect opportunities for us to see the real strengths of Cowboy Bath's formula and cloth as well as document any limitations we saw along the way. In the process we saw some beautiful terrain and meet tons of great people.

Interestingly enough, as our little company has grown we travel more but in a very different way - through the independent stores that have been kind enough bring Cowboy Bath to their shelves. It might seem a little strange, but we feel part of us stows away with every order of Cowboy Bath that we ship out. Our little brand is living it up in places like Eagle’s Store which sits proudly at the gate of Yellowstone and has been in Eagles_Storebusiness since 1908. We’ve traveled vicariously through our brand to Kodiak, Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska to the shelves of Big Ray’s Alaskan Outfitter which is a legend to anyone who knows anything about Alaskan outdoor sports. At this instant Cowboy Bath sits proudly on the shelves of Chris Barrett’s Outpost Armory in the beautiful hills of Tennessee as well as RMI Outdoor in the heart of Humboldt County. We’re even soaking up the salt life in Aiea, Hawaii with Roy’s Fishing Supply. These are just a few of the dozens of our independent retailer friends in the US and Canada where Cowboy Bath has set up camp and been selling to the residents of these parts and the enthusiasts that go there to create their own adventure stories.

There are days when we joke about loading up the truck or the bike with our gear and just setting off across the country to visit our friends who have brought us into their stores. Wouldn’t that be an adventure to chronicle some day. But until we hit the Power Ball or that long-lost uncle leaves us his fortune, we’re going to keep growing the Cowboy Bath brand and take our adventures when and where we can get them. Maybe this summer it’ll be floating the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park or maybe a jeep trip deep in the woodsy hills  around Clayton, Oklahoma. We’ll continue striking out on the paths less traveled wherever we come across them and hopefully you will to.

See you on the trail. And always make it a point to get dirty.

By the way, you can find the addresses and websites to all of the retailers mentioned above by visiting "where to find us" in the navigation or by clicking here.

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