We’ll admit it. We’ve been called a lot of things.

Probably the most inaccurate name we’ve been called is a “wet-wipe”. That’s sorta like comparing a bag of Reddy-Ice to Mount Everest. They’re both cold but, well, hopefully you get the point.

We’ve all seen those “wipey” things - cheap little tubs or bags sitting on the bottom shelf of the corner drug store or truck stop. They’re as common as disposable cups. And if you’re like us you’ve probably bought a batch at some point with the simple goal of quickly cleaning up. Hey, the concept seems strong. A cloth, a cleaning formula, some sort of dirtiness and you’re in a hurry. There you go, no problem, right?


The “in a hurry” part is where the problem is. The makers of these things have come to the conclusion that because we’re in a hurry, we’re willing to accept a something that doesn’t work. Like we won’t notice. I guess they figure we’ll forget about the lousy job their product did since we’re in a hurry.

Well, we didn’t forget about it. Instead, we came up with something better - a lot better.

You probably depend on your gear – and at Cowboy Bath we’re no different. From our pack, to our boots everything needs to perform. We applied the same principles to Cowboy Bath. To help illustrate this concept we came up with 5 simple ways that you can easily test a Cowboy Bath against the other guys. We think you’ll find the results conclusive.

Try to poke your finger through it.

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter – this is serious testing. If your finger tears the cloth when you poke it you’ve got a crappy cloth - no question. With Cowboy Bath, unless you’re Freddy Krueger, it ain’t gonna happen.

Try throwing one in the washer – then the dryer.

This is one of our favorites. Try washing and drying a used Cowboy Bath and what comes out is one of the softest shop or dust cloths ever made. Try that with pretty much anyone else and you’ll have nice lint ball.

Try giving one the alcohol test.

We love alcohol. Just not on our cloths. Cowboy Bath has a natural, unscented formula that’s second to none. It’s got all the good stuff for the skin and none of the bad stuff.

Try using only one.

When it comes to getting clean on-the-go, you either go big or you go home. Cowboy Bath offers some of the largest cloths in the industry, because who wants to try to clean off a day's worth of trail dust with a towel that's half the size of your hand.

Try repurposing one for something else.

We believe everything should have other uses. Maybe that comes from watching too many episodes of MacGyver but if you can’t mod something for another purpose what good is it? Cowboy Bath towels have been "mod-ed" into everything from dust-filters for ATV air-intakes to gear tie-downs to pads for aching feet in new boots. We hear those cheap wet-wipes make good hamster nests.

The outlining of these simple tests will hopefully help make the point that Cowboy Bath, the original Bath-in-a-bag adventure towels, are really defining their own class when it comes to cleaning up whatever gets dirty. Every aspect of our brand has intentionally been over-built to perform – from size, to formula, to strength and finally, to the reusability of our cloth. Pick up a Cowboy Bath for your next adventure and see for yourself.

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