Philanthropic Baths

The world is a dirty place. And we’ve got some work to do.

When we started Cowboy Bath we understood from the get-go that it’s not always by choice that people find themselves without a way to get clean. Things happen. Maybe it's an earthquake, maybe it's a war. Either way, in these situations it takes others to help.

Cowboy Bath believes in doing its part to make a difference. We do this in a 3 ways.

1) A percentage of Cowboy Bath's profits are donated to charitable organizations.

We’re interested in helping worthy causes. Have a charity you’d like us to consider? Contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

2) We ship Cowboy Baths globally wherever they can do the most good.

Cowboy Bath is a world traveler. Our humanitarian aid version is designed in 5 languages for emergencies. Being clean is a basic human need that keeps folks alive.

3) We're committed to giving our time to local charities.

The giving of ones time plays an important part in the success of community service. We’re proud to volunteer our time to charities in our local community including: