Dirty Deeds Club

Entry into the Dirty Deeds Club is dependent on one thing. How dirty are you willing to get?

We believe in celebrating those that get dirty. Send us a few pictures and tell us in a few words all the dirty details of your expedition.

If we deem your deed dirty enough we’ll feature it right here and we’ll send you your very own Dirty Deeds t-shirt.

DDC_groundwork_dallasSaluting the Dirty Deeds of Groundwork USA

Green Team kids, volunteers and staff obliterated thousands of invasive species.

2 years ago, Groundwork USA chapters from around the country sent their best and brightest to get really dirty and kick some serious butt in the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. The environmentally-based, national non-profit believes in “Changing Places” and “Changing Lives.” The effort was a prime example of both. The group pulled thousands of invasive plants, called Musk Thistle, from the unforgiving mountain soil. High-school aged, Green Team members learned the importance of a plan and team chemistry as they focused on popping thousands of stubborn, weed-like invaders – thus clearing the way for Colorado’s natural plant population to thrive.

 This fall, GWUSA is back.

They return to the Rockies for more excitement and no doubt a new mission. One things for sure, the crew is gonna get dirty. Cowboy Bath is proud to support and volunteer for this amazing non-profit. To learn more about Groundwork USA check out the national organization here www.GroundworkUSA.com.

And check out local Groundwork Dallas organization at: www.GroundworkDallas.org.