A Bath Called Cowboy


From what we found in the history books the general idea of a "cowboy bath" originated years ago as a catch phase for getting clean, real quick, when you're out in the middle of nowhere. We're not sure who originally authored the phrase but we're pretty sure it was someone from Texas.

Long story short, the phrase came to our attention firsthand at the ripe old age of about 12. It was mom who would track us down from romping around outside and say "get in the house and take a cowboy bath before dinner". Like most kids, we got really dirty, really fast. And cleaning up was typically a task that was done even faster - a damp washcloth and a good scrub. We adopted the phrase as our brand name because mom's concept worked then and not surprisingly it works on every adventure we take.

• Campers and hikers

• Hunters and fishermen

• Outdoor sports enthusiasts

• Road and mountain bikers

• Adventure and cross-country motorcyclists

• Over-the-road truck drivers

• Health and emergency aid workers

• Armed services personnel

• and, yes, moms with grubby kids

Turning a "cowboy bath" into a functional road and trail-worthy product that anyone can put in a pack became an even stronger idea as we looked at the people around us. The concept was a valuable pack component to anyone who was headed out in the world away from modern conveniences - like running water and electricity.

Most of us find ourselves at some point needing to get good and clean - quick. Now this can happen anywhere in about a minute with a Cowboy Bath.