"As a backpacker I've got a finite amount of room for gear."

I'm typically a solo hiker. Depending on terrain I typically keep to a 12-15 mile day. My treks are usually 3 days. I started packing Cowboy Bath Solo packs on my trips for use on my last day. I look at it as a sort of reward for a good get-away. One Solo pack does all I need. It's light, compact in size and when you open that pack up it does exactly what you want it to do. And the first time you do it, it'll blow your mind how big that cloth actually is. And what's even better, a Cowboy Bath is just like they claim: the cloth is totally reusable. I've cut old cloths into 2-foot long strips to use as tie-downs for my pack, used them as bandanas and even tucked it under my hat and used it as a sun shade for my neck. These cloths have no limit to their uses.

Shane K.,