Cowboy Bath put a lot of thought into the fabrics that make a Cowboy Bath perform the way it does. 

The strength and the size of these cloths is not common in the industry. And that's exactly how we like it. The way we see it a Cowboy Bath should be seen as a part of your gear - it should hold up to whatever abuse you have to throw at it in the field. And at the end of your day, when you're ready to make camp, clean up and recharge - it should deliver. We're happy to let you know from experience it does - and then some.

Different Cowboy Baths have different fabric weaves for different uses but for most applications we select Spunlace and Needlepunch. We chose these weaves for specific reasons. Both of these fabric types resist tearing and snagging while, at the same time they have a tooth that's soft on the skin but aggressive enough to easily remove the most stubborn dirt.