One hunters perspective.
My dog Bernie is Black Mouth Cur. He's a good dog and I'd recommend the breed to anyone. He works incredibly hard when we're out in the bush. When we come back that dog is not your typical dirty-dog - he's flat out nasty. Cowboy Bath Bird Dog Wash Cloths are strong enough to pull anything off of his coat that's gotten worked in - that means thistle burrs, mud clumps and dried pond scum. It's a quick clean up and when he's done you'd think he was a city dog.
Paul L.

Six hundred miles on a adventure motorcycle gets you dirty.
Adventure touring is a very dirty activity. When you are motorcycle touring you have a finite amount of room on that bike. Every item is chosen for minimum weight and size and maximum form and function. When you look at all the facts, Cowboy Bath is one of the most practical personal care products to pack. It's a soap, shampoo, wash cloth and towel all in one.
Ron C.

The cloth that keeps giving.
I'm typically a solo hiker. Depending on terrain I typically keep to a 12-15 mile day. My treks are usually 3 days. I started packing Cowboy Bath Solos on my trips for use on my last day. I look at it as a sort of reward for a good get-away. One Solo pack does all I need. It's light, compact in size and when you open that pack up it does exactly what you want it to do. And the first time you do it it'll blow your mind how big it is. And what's even better is just like they claim the cloth is totally reusable. I've cut old cloths into long 2-foot strips to use as gear ties for my pack.
Shane K.

A dogs best friend
With a couple of water dogs in the family we love to head to the lake during the summer weekends. It never fails that both dogs immediately find the one part of the beach that's smelly and muddy. In those situations the Bird-dog cloths come in real handy when we're loading up. We love taking home the memories and leaving the lake smell at the lake.
Julie G.

Announcing the best kid-cleaner out there.
Thank you Cowboy Bath for helping me get my kids to actually want to be clean from occasionally. The phrase "Let's take a quick Cowboy Bath" has actually become my go-to call out to them when we're heading out somewhere and they aren't as presentable as I'd like them to be. We buy the multi-pack Cowboy Baths and keep a couple of packs on-hand in a critical places where we might have a grubby child to contend with like the car or the mud-room.
Shannon V.