On your next adventure we want to be next to you. Literally.

We understand what it's like to get excited about something you love. What you're passionate about could be a club, an event or maybe a fundraiser. It could just be you, getting out there, and doing something incredible. If you're out there, getting dirty, doing something you love, Cowboy Bath wants to hear from you. If what you tell us aligns with Cowboy Bath's brand mission, we want to try to support you through a sponsorship.

In order for your sponsorship to be considered, we ask that you read through the criteria and questions often asked that we've listed below:

What we look for in Cowboy Bath Sponsorships.

We look at our sponsorships in two ways. First, we look at them as opportunities to introduce others to the Cowboy Bath brand and would ask that before you even approach us, that you already believe in our brand and our products. Second, we want to build a positive relationship with you and your organization that is beneficial to your initiative.

Though we’d like to sponsor everyone that submits a request, we can only do a set number of sponsorships per year. Make no mistake, we are truly honored that you would consider Cowboy Bath as a potential sponsor.

Because we are a growing company, our sponsorship budget does have a limit and sponsorships are awarded in two ways. We give “in kind” product. And we give cash. It's our prerogative as to what we give.

How to request a Cowboy Bath sponsorship for an event or individual outdoor sports person.

All sponsorship requests must be submitted through emailing us at: sponsorships@cowboybath.com. All requests must be submitted through this address to be considered. Thank you in advance for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

How long until we respond to you regarding your sponsorship request?

Please allow 45 days for a response from the Cowboy Bath Sponsorship Team. At times, we do receive large numbers of requests and it takes time to adequately consider them. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner. However, if you don’t get a response within 45 days we apologize, but we were unable to fulfill your request.

Can you follow up with a phone call or email?

Although it may be tempting to call us - it's really not the best way to follow up on your sponsorship request. Often the Cowboy Bath Sponsorship Team is in the field. Email is the best way to keep connected. Please don’t email any earlier than 4 weeks, as we probably won’t be able to give you a solid answer. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

How far in advance should an event sponsorship request be submitted?

A 90-day lead time is appreciated and those who get their applications in early will be reviewed first.

What type of events does Cowboy Bath sponsor?

We sponsor many kinds of events. Generally speaking, if it's happening in the outdoors and your getting dirty doing it - we're more than likely interested in hearing about it.

A few thought-starters would be: Expeditions of all types (hiking, camping, biking, motorcycling, four-wheeling). Races of all types (on-road, off-road, 4-wheel, 2-wheel, 2-legged, 4-legged). Environmental responsibility events. Rodeos. Hunting and shooting events. Recreational vehicle (RV) events. Pet adoption events and of course charitable events.

Typically the events we consider are centered around the importance and pursuit of outdoor activity. If your event maintains a social profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a blog for the event, we'll be quick to follow you and would love to see that you are actively updating it. Having a strong social voice is very attractive as we consider who we sponsor.

What kind of exposure does Cowboy Bath expect in return?

As you might guess, we look for the most visibility from our involvement as possible, both online and on the ground. This includes social media interaction, posts, text links, logos on websites, e-mail inclusion, printed inclusion in programs and other marketing material, as well as a visible presence at your specific event through a sponsorship tent or banner.

What type of individuals do Cowboy Bath sponsor?

We typically sponsor more events than individuals but we'll consider anyone who is reaching for their goals in an outdoor activity. More importantly we expect that you are a self-promoter. Having a website and social presence is a nice start but impress us!

We also celebrate individuals and their accomplishments through the Cowboy Bath Dirty Deeds Club.

What does Cowboy Bath expect in return?

Our sponsorship commitment is always tailored to the specific sponsor. Generally speaking, we expect you to keep us updated on what’s going on in your world. This includes sending us your calendar of events, being prolific with blog entries and social posts mentioning Cowboy Bath. We encourage you to post to Cowboy Bath's Facebook and Twitter feed and send us hi-res photos of you with the Cowboy Bath brand. Of course, we'll need your approval to use your images and likeness. We also love to receive testimonials for our website and marketing use.

Lastly, we'd ask for you to use of the Cowboy Bath logo on your uniform and website and maintain the Cowboy Bath brand voice and message when referring to the brand. Basically, we want you to be proud of being sponsored by Cowboy Bath.

What does Cowboy Bath look for in a sponsorship?

We look for a sponsorship to be positive, lasting and memorable. The people and organizations we sponsor are like a part of our family. And our family is fun to be around. Our family is genuine. And our family is tolerant and open-minded. This stuff matters to us. And it should matter to you.