Frequently Asked Questions about Cowboy Bath.

Where did the name Cowboy Bath come from?

The general idea of taking a cowboy bath has been around for ages. But for us, the practice started around the age of 7. Our mothers realized early on that getting their squirmy kids cleaned up for dinner after being outside all day needn’t be a complicated affair. She's call out "Get over here and let's give you a cowboy bath". A damp washcloth, a minute of scrubbing away the grit and voila, you had a passably clean kid in nothing flat. The process worked. The name stuck in our heads.

Is Cowboy Bath just about getting clean?

Yes, and no. We realize that sounds sorta strange so let us elaborate after all getting dirty has a lot of factors. We have products that work just like a bath - for when your on an adventure there is no water around. We call that line The Original Bath-In-A-Bag. We also have a hair washing formula, which for most of us is part of a bath. Additionally, a lot of our adventures involve our pets and animals we love - so we have specific formulas for washing both dogs and horses. Lastly, when the bugs start biting we have am effective bug repellant cloth.

Where is Cowboy Bath sold?

The Cowboy Bath brand is sold online and in retail stores. You can buy any Cowboy Bath product right now from this site or you can find us on Amazon. We're also proud to be on the shelves of a number of retailers across the country.

Does Cowboy Bath give back?

Yes. Cowboy Bath gives back in 3 ways. First, through in-kind products. We donate Cowboy Baths where they are needed. Next, a percentage of our profits are donated to charity. Lastly, we donate our time. The employees of Cowboy Bath are encouraged to volunteer to a cause they passionate about and support.

How many different products does Cowboy Bath have?

Cowboy Bath is constantly growing our product line. Look at our products page for what's available today and what's coming soon.

Are Cowboy Bath products recycleable or biodegradable?

Yeah, this cloth will breakdown naturally eventually but why toss it in a landfill? Repurpose it. Use it in the shop. Or the kitchen. Or wherever. It's strong enough to hold up in a washer and dryer wants to get dirty again and again.

Is Cowboy Bath made in the USA?


Does Cowboy Bath sponsor any events?

Yes, we love getting involved in things you're involved with. If you have an event, a club, an organization that loves to get dirty contact us through our sponsorship page. Keep in mind we can't sponsor everyone but if we can help out - we will.

"As a backpacker I've got a finite amount of room for gear."

I'm typically a solo hiker. Depending on terrain I typically keep to a 12-15 mile day. My treks are usually 3 days. I started packing Cowboy Bath Solo packs on my trips for use on my last day. I look at it as a sort of reward for a good get-away. One Solo pack does all I need. It's light, compact in size and when you open that pack up it does exactly what you want it to do. And the first time you do it, it'll blow your mind how big that cloth actually is. And what's even better, a Cowboy Bath is just like they claim: the cloth is totally reusable. I've cut old cloths into 2-foot long strips to use as tie-downs for my pack, used them as bandanas and even tucked it under my hat and used it as a sun shade for my neck. These cloths have no limit to their uses.

Shane K.,

"Hunting is a big part of me and my dog's life."

My dog Bernie is a Black Mouth Cur. He's a good dog, probably the best I've had and I'd recommend the breed to anyone. He works incredibly hard when we're out in the bush. When we come back that dog is not your typical dirty-dog - he's flat out nasty. Cowboy Bath's Bird Dog Wash Cloths are strong enough to pull anything off that dog's coat that's gotten worked in - that means thistle burrs, mud clumps and dried pond scum. It's a quick clean up and when he's done you'd think he was a city dog.

Paul L. ,

"Keeping long hair clean is no longer an issue with this All-Hair wash cloth pack."

Cowboy Bath's All-hair wash cloth works with my long hair as well as any of my salon products but packs down to under 7 ounces. It cleans and conditions my hair in literally 3 minutes making it ideal for either camping or when I'm in a hurry at the house.

Danielle L.,

"Our dogs play hard and occasionally stink bad."

With a couple of water dogs in the family, we love to head to the lake during the summer weekends. It never fails that both dogs immediately find the one part of the beach that's smelly and muddy. In those situations the Bird-dog cloths come in real handy when we're loading up. We love taking home the memories and leaving the lake smell at the lake.

Julie G.,