Dirt is sometimes a truckers badge of honor

No doubt, the road can add a ton of soot, grime and several yet-to-be-identified smells to any hardworking truck driver.

Hours behind the wheel combined with loading and unloading can be tough on a truck driver. And truth be told, we know there is a serious level of pride when it comes to building up this extra layer of, hmm, let’s just call it “character” – that badge of honor we’re talking about.

Not surprisingly, when it comes time to get clean, many truckers prefer to do so in the comfort of their own cab. And that's not surprising because most of us prefer cleaning up in surroundings that are familiar and comfortable. On the road there aren't a lot of great options. Well, friend, you are in luck. Cowboy Bath – the Original Bath-In-A-Bag is the trucker’s solution to getting clean. It packs down light and cleans up the heavy grit and grime in no time at all. And Cowboy Bath is massive - at 2' by 2' this towel is big enough and tough enough to handle drivers of any size. That’s good because, whether you're a fleet driver or owner-operator, your berth is your home, at least for the duration of the haul. And while you may have earned every bit of grit and grime, you’ve also earned the right to get comfortable and to get really clean.

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