Cowboy Bath Bath-In-A-Bottle Recharge Formula


Cowboy Bath Bath-In-A-Bottle is for the true do-it-yourself-er. A perfect sidekick for your Cowboy Bath cloth. Just wash your cloth, re-soak it with formula and pop it in a ziplock bag when you're ready to hit the trail.

The cloth we use for Cowboy Bath is one of the most durable in the market and like any gear we take on the trail less traveled – it's made to last. After you head back to civilization just pop the Cowboy Bath towel in the wash. She'll hold up beautifully. When you're ready to head back out into the wild just use the Bath-In-A-Bottle non-aerosol spray to re-soak your bath and seal it up in a ziplock bag. You're good to go.


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  • Reusable Non-Aerosol 6-Ounce Bottle  - Make the most of your Cowboy Baths by recharging them with the same formula - but in a spray.
  • Effective Formula - Our recharge formula is the same one that comes on the Cowboy Bath when it's opened. Designed to quickly and effectively pull away dirt and grime and leaves the skins soft and moisturized with the good stuff like Aloe and Cucumber Extract.
  • Unscented - Perfect for hunters and those that want to blend into the surroundings.



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