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Cowboy Bath All-Hair Wash Cloth


Why is it that hair care always seems to take the backseat when your out on an adventure. Well, thankfully, that path has ended.

Cowboy Bath All-Hair Wash Towels are the best way to shampoo and condition hair when you’re in the wild and there’s no water to spare. Our All-Hair Wash Towels are huge – measuring in at 15-inches by 15-inches – which makes washing long hair, short hair and even beards fast and easy. Each cloth comes saturated with a deep, cleansing formula that has a light, natural Sandlewood fragrance – perfect for either women or men. The best part is, once you’ve worked in the formula to your hair or beard – you’re done. There’s no need to rinse with Cowboy Bath All-Hair Wash Towels, just let it air-dry and get on with whatever adventure you just cleaned up for.

Like all Cowboy Bath outdoor towels we’ve designed the All-Hair Wash Towel to be compact and ultra-light making it the ideal choice for weight-conscious outdoor enthusiasts that like to stay clean. And of course, the All-Hair Wash Towel is completely biodegradable, but why would you throw one away? Just toss it in the washer and re-purpose it for whatever you need it for.

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  • Deep Cleansing Formula - This gentle, natural formula washes and conditions all hair types without the need to waste water with a rinse. Just wash - and let it dry.
  • A Fresh Natural Scent - Our light Sandlewood fragrance is uni-sex and blends in perfectly with the great outdoors.
  • Ultra-Large Cloth - This huge 15-inch x 15-inch cloths cleans even the biggest of heads.
  • Compact and Lightweight - Weighing in at a mere 4.8 ounces our All Hair Wash Cloth is pack and trail-worthy - ready for the long haul.
  • Biodegradable - Of course our cloths are biodegradable but why would you throw it away? Cowboy Bath All Hair Wash Cloths are strong enough to be thrown in the wash and re-purposed for whatever you can think of.

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