Cowboy Bath Campsite Bug Cloths 20-Pack


Everyone that’s truly intelligent enjoys the outdoors. But sometimes the littlest of things steal some of that joy – along with some of your blood. We’ve put the kibosh on those little suckers.

We all know bug sprays are nasty, messy and wasteful. That’s not the case with our Campsite Bug Cloths – we’ve engineered a light, natural formula that effectively keeps biting bugs at bay and allows you to put every drop of formula to use. Our large, heavy bug cloths makes it easy to evenly apply to your arms, legs, necks and even your face. Don’t even think about trying that with canned chemical sprays.

Our 20-Pack Campsite Bug Cloths are perfect for multi-day outings with the whole family. They’re light, compact and stowaway just about anywhere. And here’s a tip: after applying a Campsite Bug Cloth go ahead and hang the used cloth inside your tent to keep unwanted guests out.

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  • Natural Formula - We've created a light, natural and effective formula that spreads on evenly and keeps the biting bugs at bay without that chemical dependence feel.
  • Large, Ultra-strong Cloths - Our cloths are designed large enough to easily apply to the whole body and durable enough to not tear easily.
  • Resealable 20-Pack - Perfect for multi-day outings with the whole family.
  • Light and Compact - Packaged small enough for tactical pockets and packs and weighing less then 8 ounces Campsite Bug Cloths are ready for any adventure.

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