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Cowboy Bath Bronco Bath Shine Cloth


For us, few things in this world are more beautiful than a well-groomed horse. So, let's see more of that!

Cowboy Bath's Bronco Bath Wash Cloth is the easiest way to give your equine friend a low-stress bath while adding luster to the coat and warding off annoying flies and gnats. Designed for both working and show horses Bronco Bath is gentle enough for around the ears and eyes yet determined enough for thorough cleanings making it a horseman's best friend.

Each Bronco Bath uses a huge, 2-foot by 2-foot cloth that's saturated with an effective formula tailored to the PH of a horses coat. Bronco Bath is gentle and won't strip away the natural level of oil needed to keep the coat healthy or dry out the skin. After a Bronco Bath you'll immediately notice a sustained coat shine that repels dust and a pleasant fragrance that repels flies and gnats.

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  • Natural Formula - This effective formula lifts away dirt and dust creating an even, lustrous shine on your horses coat while warding off flies and gnats.
  • Lo-stress Cleaning - The perfect solution for horse that are nervous about hose baths.
  • Large, Ulra-strong Cloths - Cowboy Bath Bronco Bath Wash Cloths are large and durable and won't tear. They're also soft enough for around the ears and eyes.
  • Biodegradable - Of course Bronco Bath Wash Cloths are biodegradable but why would you toss it when you can wash it - and repurpose it.

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