Don’t be a dirty dog.

If our dogs could talk in English they'd say they prefer to be clean.

It's not always evident that your 4-legged best friend likes being clean. Whenever our black-lab / pit rescue journey's into the wild with us it never fails that the old boy will, by mid-day, find some deer scat to roll in. It's always a lovely part of our adventure but if Max could explain himself, he'd say that in the heat (or stink) of the moment he was overtaken by instinct and that if he only had opposable thumbs he'd stay clean all the time.

That Dog-gone-dog sure gets dirty.

Max clearly has issues, but whether your dog gets dirty doing things that he blames on his DNA, or whether he's out being an obedient, working dog retrieving fowl from the field, Cowboy Bath Bird-dog Wash Cloths are the one-stop solution.

Whether it's long fur or short fur or nasty pond scum stink or burs and stick-tights our cloths are designed to clean up dogs from the tips of their ears to the ends of the tails. And everywhere else in between.

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