Does size really matter?

Okay, enough with the provocative article titles. However, you may have noticed that Cowboy Bath offers up baths that are really big and ones that not-so-big. Why is this? Well, let us explain.

The original idea of Cowboy Bath started out with one huge cloth so you could wash your entire body. One person = one bath. That was the idea. And just to get the facts straight on what we mean by "huge", each bath-in-a-bag is 24 inches x 24 inches.

Well, one big bath towel works nicely with one person, but when it comes to sharing a bath towel, that ain't so nice. In fact, it's actually kinda gross. So to solve that possible situation we came out with Cowboy Bath 20-packs. It's a multi-bath-pack for the whole family/travel party or maybe for that unique person that has a tendency to get dirty multiple times per day.

How do you choose what size fits your needs?

That's kind of a loaded question but if you ask us - you need both! Seriously, there's going to be a time where you want some solitude and a big Cowboy Bath is going to be just what the doctor ordered at the end of an 12 mile hike in Big Bend. And of course there will be the times you need to share the idea of getting clean with others. So what are you waiting for throw a 20-pack in the glovebox and a single in your day pack and let's head out.

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