Creating Cowboy Bath was an adventure in and of itself.

From day one everyone at Cowboy Bath wanted the products we create to be as gentle on our environment as possible. Our brand is fundamentally built for people who love the outdoors and love adventure - so to ignore those facts was just not an option.

We knew that no matter how we designed the Cowboy Bath line it would inevitably include certain components like some form of an air-tight wrapper that was printed with ink, a cloth and a cleaning formula. We also knew it needed to be stronger and more dependable than anything else on the market today. Our job then was to really dig in and understand both how advanced compositionally and environmentally friendly these elements that we required had become. During this process we listened to many companies pitch us their technology and we were sad to witness so many harping on the cost savings of using foreign produced, modified materials that would be cheaper and easier to manufacture and flat out terrible for the world.

As the research continued we slowly began to see progress. With a little digging (and a lot of luck) we found the sources that listened to what we wanted to create with Cowboy Bath and these partners worked with us to meet our goals. We locked on to materials that would leave as little footprint as possible on the environment. The majority of our cloths were able to be industrially composted and biodegradable. But due to the overall quality of the product lines we insisted on, we also achieved something even better - reusabilty. You'll notice immediately after using a Cowboy Bath that our cloths don't fall apart. After you clean up whatever it is your cleaning up, the cloth itself is most likely in the same shape as it was when you opened it. Which begs the question: why throw it away? Why not pack it out, clean it up and use it again. When you get back to civilization just toss your Cowboy Bath in the washer. Pop it in the dryer and repurpose it. There's no reason to throw these things away. Use them in the house. Use them in the shop. Fold them up, put them with your gear and use for anything you can dream up.

Yes, it's good that if you do toss it in the trash it will eventually break down. And we're happy about that, but we designed these cloths to be a part of more than one adventure. And we're continuing this pursuit. We're exploring the possibility of resealable, reusable bags that can protect your belonging from the dust and moisture. Very soon we'll offer a recharge bottle that lets you apply our effective washing formula to any cloth - essentially letting you create your own bath-in-a-bag.

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