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Creating Cowboy Bath was an adventure in and of itself.

From day one everyone at Cowboy Bath wanted the products we create to be as gentle on our environment as possible. Our brand is fundamentally built for people who love the outdoors and love adventure - so to ignore those facts was just not an option.

We knew that no matter how we designed the Cowboy...
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Dirt is sometimes a truckers badge of honor

No doubt, the road can add a ton of soot, grime and several yet-to-be-identified smells to any hardworking truck driver.

Hours behind the wheel combined with loading and unloading can be tough on a truck driver. And truth be told, we know there is a serious level of pride when it comes to building up this...
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10 creative uses for our cloth.

We're constantly gathering other uses for your cloths after you've cleaned up whatever was dirty. Consider it a multi-tool in a towel.

All Cowboy Bath cloths are designed NOT to be thrown away. We've engineered the cloths to hold up to washers and dryers. When your back in civilization just toss your used cloths in the...
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Who holds the World Record on getting clean?

The last thing you want to think about when back from the wild is cleaning up at the end of the day. We set out to solve that dilemma quickly.

We wish we had a nickle for every time we finished up a long ride or hike and had to say to ourselves "don't sit down...
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