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What’s the Perfect Pack? To the Ounce.

When your life is riding on your back you tend to look at things a little differently. Little items can quickly get noticed and add up when they're being loaded into a backpack. Matters of convenience and creature comfort are quickly traded off for matters of necessity and of ease of portability.

Engineering the perfect pack...
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Pura Vida! – Like a kid again, in Costa Rica

The draw to nature…it’s a lot bigger than you and I. Yeah, we have our responsibilities, our to-dos, our daily structure – tugging at us all. But folks like us, you and I, we sure don’t try to turn down an invite from the great outdoors.

To dig into those places which remind us of...
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We’ve been known to get around a bit.

Years ago when we were developing the Cowboy Bath product concept it wasn’t uncommon for us to head out to some obscure single track for the sole purpose to get dirty and give the product some real-world testing. We would could call those outings “Business Adventures”.

These R&D escapades were perfect opportunities for us to see...
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We’ll admit it. We’ve been called a lot of things.

Probably the most inaccurate name we’ve been called is a “wet-wipe”. That’s sorta like comparing a bag of Reddy-Ice to Mount Everest. They’re both cold but, well, hopefully you get the point.

We’ve all seen those “wipey” things - cheap little tubs or bags sitting on the bottom shelf of the corner drug store or truck...
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