Who holds the World Record on getting clean?

The last thing you want to think about when back from the wild is cleaning up at the end of the day. We set out to solve that dilemma quickly.

We wish we had a nickle for every time we finished up a long ride or hike and had to say to ourselves "don't sit down in that camp chair until you've cleaned yourself up". After the adventure and the adrenaline is behind you, you're left with the end-of-day maintenance. That means cleaning off the dust and grit from the trail and getting comfortable while you recharge. That needs to be done fast and effectively.

How fast is "fast"?

Cowboy Bath was designed to take the hassle out of the clean up. Pack it up and when you need it - tear into it. The fastest clean-up we've recorded was about 23 seconds. We don't claim it was meticulous, but it got the job done effectively. And from 5 feet away, if you squinted your eyes, the individual didn't appear noticeably nasty.

In all fairness the 23-second clean up was interrupted by a group of hikers who happened to stroll through the campsite - and let's just say nakedness was not the first impression this individual wanted to show off.

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