10 creative uses for our cloth.

We're constantly gathering other uses for your cloths after you've cleaned up whatever was dirty. Consider it a multi-tool in a towel.

All Cowboy Bath cloths are designed NOT to be thrown away. We've engineered the cloths to hold up to washers and dryers. When your back in civilization just toss your used cloths in the washer, clean them up and re-purpose. The following list is a few of our favorites alternative uses:

1) The original Bath-In-A-Bag is large enough to be used as a tourniquet in an emergency.

2) In dust or sand storms, the cloths from our multi-packs can, in a pinch, easily adapt as filter screens on most motorcycle and ATV air filters. The larger cloths may work in automotive applications although that use hasn't been tested to our knowledge.

3) For a more domesticated use we've found that all our cloths make superb dusting cloths.

4) Try using one of the Cowboy Bath larger cloths as a neck bandana. Even better, dip it in the river and you'll see how the cloth weave holds the moisture longer than just a cotton bandana.

5) If your shop is anything like ours, you constantly need shop cloths - well, not anymore!

6) Ever been 6 miles out on a 20-mile hike and realize your boots weren't quite as broken in as you thought? Our multi-pack cloths are small enough, yet thick enough, to wedge into the heel or toe box of your boot to give your feet some reprieve.

7) Need to leave a note for someone you're meeting - take out one of our multi-pack cloths, let it dry in the sun and write a note or your next short story. Ball point pens work but a Sharpie works best.

8) Break a shoelace on a walk-about? No problem. Cut our larger cloth into strips and run through the eyelet of your boots. We have found it's best to use one strip per eyelet.

9) Hot skillet burning your hand? Wrap and tie our larger cloth around the handle and you've got an oven mitt. Please don't get too close to the fire though cause that baby will singe if you're not careful.

10) Need to keep biting bugs out of the tent while it's open? We've love this solution. Spray one of our cloths with whatever repellent you have on hand (look for our Cowboy Bath Campsite Bug Cloths coming in 2016), tie it off and hang it inside your tent. Bugs? Gone.

Okay, so we can't stop.

11) Don't ever say a Cowboy Bath doesn't keep giving. Number 11 goes straight to the hunters. Wash and dry your Cowboy Bath towels then cut them into cleaning patches and put them in with you gun oils and powder solvents. The softness and absorbing nature of these cloths is better than the old t-shirts you're currently tearing up to clean that Winchester 1100 or that 1911.

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